Looking for a Generator for Your Home?

Looking for a Generator for Your Home?

Get whole-house generator or generator installation service in Mission, TX

Having an additional source of power standing by in case the grid goes down is a good idea. New Century Elect Controls & Automation offers whole-house generator installation services in and around Mission, TX. Need generator maintenance? You can rely on us to thoroughly check your generator's coolant, oil and filters. We'll make sure your generator is ready to go when it's needed.

Upgrade your home with a whole-house generator today by calling our electrical contractor at 888-652-3262 now. We're a certified Generac dealer.

Why should you bother with a generator?

You'll be glad you called us for a generator installation because:

  • You'll have a reliable source of power during storms
  • You can keep your refrigerator running and your food from spoiling
  • You can rest easy knowing you're ready for whatever Mother Nature has in store

Be prepared for anything with a generator standing by. Make an appointment for generator installation services today.